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Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting

Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting
Danielle Egnew's feature length paranormal documentary! Order your
own copy on DVD today with over 20+ minutes of special features!

Directing, writing, and starring in this raw expose of this previously unexplored location, Clairvoyant / Medium Danielle Egnew helps to shed light on the darkest secrets of one of the most haunted locations in America with the help of Native American Tribal leaders, historians, psychologists, townsfolk, and two paranormal investigative groups.

Haunted Playground with Sheena Metal and Danielle Egnew

The weekly paranomal Radio Show co-hosted by talk radio icon Sheena Metal and Psychic/ Medium Danielle Egnew. Also the website for The Western
Pacific Paranormal Alliance, co-founded by Danielle Egnew, and one
of the groups who investigated during the filming of
Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting

Angelic Reflections by Mike Cucciardi

Angelic Reflections by Mike Cucciardi
Highly acclaimed book by award-winning author and poet Mike Cucciardi containing over 200 poems and poemettes exploring the mystery, beauty, and blessings of Angels in our lives. Uplifting and though-provoking, these short reflections bring a fresh understanding to a
timeless topic.

Danielle Egenw Official Website

Official entertainment website, where you can find out more about Danielle Egnew's pursuits in Music, Film, TV, Radio, and even Theater. Mp3's, Press,
and more!

Feather Light Healing

Danielle's good friend Terri Downs is a Licensed Massage Practitioner and Healer. Terri appeared as herself during several interviews in Danielle's film "Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting". She owns and operates Feather Light Healing in Lakewood, WA. Danielle highly recommend Terri's
amazing healing services.


A higher consciousness e-zine with beautiful graphics and fantastic content. Free to download in pdf format, or readable online.
From time to time, Danielle Egnew is a contributing writer.


Meet the Northwest paranormal team that anchored the investigation during the filming of Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting.


Gratitude is the Master Key to all of your highest hearts desires. Look into the face of Gratitude and start on your own road to watching your life change.

Ghosts - research, evidence, and discussion.

A comprehensive ghost research, evidence and discussion groups website, full of all sorts of interesting paranormal subject matter.


The one-stop source for paranormal investigation via EVP reserach
and investigation, and more!



Mary Malone - world renowned psychic, exorcist and a leading expert
on the paranormal.

what the bleep

"What The Bleep Do We Know" -- how Quantum Physics can rationally define the same manifestation principles that Jesus used to turn water into wine! Starring Marlee Matlin Available on DVD.


The White Shark Conservation, Education and Exploration Society is dedicated to the exploratoin and conservation of our world's greatest predator, and the conservation of it's environment.

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