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Meditation Music

Tones are exceptionally important in the opening of our spiritual and emotional consciousness. Tones and music are their own spiritual language. To read a little more about tonal languages and how they apply to our Healing process, visit Danielle's Tonal Healing page.

Download Danielle's acclaimed
Meditation Music!
'Creation Whispers'

Multi award-winning Artist and renowned Psychic Danielle Egnew brings the first of many passive listening mediation experiences to her vast musical catalogue with "Creation Whispers". Using the powerful attributes of sound as a healing and energetic release tool, Danielle has pooled her years of knowledge as a tonal healer as well as producer and musician to compose this highly effective passive-listening ambient mediation CD. Applying both her sound science and Psychic background to the healing tonal canvas of "Creation Whispers", Danielle artfully weaves together specific musical overtones and patterns in order to create harmonics which are designed to trigger relaxing and meditative Theta Wave activation in the brain. Theta Waves are associated with meditation, Psychic ability, and the pre-cursor to deep sleep -- or Delta Waves. "Creation Whispers" is extremely effective for stress relief, chakral cleansing, meditation, and use prior to bedtime. Due to the heightened Theta Wave activity in the brain inspired by this work, it is not recommended to listen while driving or operating heavy machinery. Sit back, relax, and sink into "Creation Whispers" by Danielle Egnew -- and allow the deep healing power of sound to wash away the stresses of life.

Download from iTunes

Danielle has several wonderful CDs available for an array of meditational needs. If you are a practitioner in the Healing Arts, these CDs provide a tremendous backdrop to use as the tonal canvass for your sessions. Online audio samples and ordering capabilities are coming soon.

Danielle is a prolific composer and musician as well, with a number of albums written and recorded in many genres of music for herself and other artists. For more information on Danielle's accomplished music career, visit her official website.

The sound canvas of
Rise is designed for the
release and relinquishing of grief. The healing combination of
piano and string tones
nurture a gradual and
healthy transition from
unhealthy grief burdens
to a place of peace.
Vast is a journey
supporting the tonal
language that encourages
self-exploration and
inner understanding.
The language of Vast
inspires the discovery of
blessings from the
knowingness of the
Great Creator God.

Pulse combines the
frequencies of nature
with the tonal language
meaning Oneness,
making for a soothing
marraige of true natural harmonics and primal
connected consciousness.
Pulse is a fantastic
"pressure release"
catalyst, at the end
of a long day.

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