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rayer Requests

A personal message from Danielle

Hi you guys! Just a reminder in this cynical world -- that overflowing, unconditional Love and Support is synonymous with God. I am blessed to visit with angels everyday who tell me all about it! Regardless of our different faith and belief backgrounds, a positive affirmation request in light and love -- a prayer -- never hurt any one of us.

However you personally quantify and comprehend God, or no matter what you were taught about the "vindictive god" -- you must understand that the true God loves you, very much, regardless of any imperfections you may carry with you. We are all one family, one relation in the eyes of the Great Spirit Creator God, and we are made to enforce one another.

Unlike the white-haired angry man on a throne scultped in the image of the insecurities and weaknesses of humankind, the true character and nature of the Great Creator Spirit God is one that we can barely get our consciousness around, a character of unending and deep compassion, grace (which means "unearned slack" ), prosperity, love, empathy, protection, and support . Most importantly, it's Free for all to partake in. Many religious organizations require a "love gift" to somehow better expediate a prayer straight to the ears of God...I still haven't figured out how those organizations managed to buy the inside track to God's ear...but I've found that prayers make it to God without a love gift, all the same.

If you have a concern, a sadness, a lonely area, secret hope, or simply would like some enforcement in your prayer and meditation life, I would be happy to pray and meditate with you on your issue. Just E-mail your prayer requests to me with "prayer" in the subject margin. You won't receive any catalogue for the official "Danielle Egnew" merchandise collection. And I won't spam your e-mail address with weirdo psychic junk mail. The only thing I'll send to you -- is a prayer.

If we can dream this world better, we can make it better through action and prayer! You're more than welcome to pray and meditate for me (please do!) that my work as a Spiritual Advisor is held in the highest spiritual good.

We're all in this life together, you guys. Aloneness is an illusion of the dark -- the illusion we created in order to learn. God bless each and every one of you, and may your dreams be as real as you make them!

E-mail me your prayer request!

-- Rev. Danielle Egnew


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