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Radio Show

Haunted Playground with Sheena Metal and Danielle Egnew on LA Talk Radio

Haunted Playground is the no-holds-barred turf where Danielle Egnew’s vast Paranormal expertise joins forces yard for yard with the unparalleled signature wit of Sheena Metal.

Egnew is no stranger to the paranormal in media, having landed in the “expert seat” on more than one occasion while doing Psychic work with Law Enforcement, as on-camera Psychic talent, hosting and directing her own paranormal documentary feature film, and as creative consultant on several paranormal TV programs as well as being the most-repeat guest as "The Resident Psychic" on The Sheena Metal Experience. Sheena Metal, dubbed by the industry as “The Queen of Observation”, has not only continuously been a Top-Rated Female Talk Radio Host in Los Angeles for over 12 years, now anchoring her own daily drive-time show The Sheena Metal Experience on LA Talk Radio, but grew up fascinated by the paranormal while coping with the challenges of living in a haunted home. This dynamic duo dissects the paranormal in a way that not only educates, but entertains.

The radio show is also accompanied by a Haunted Playground web series companion, produced by Egnew through her production company Ave Vox Entertainment, which also captained Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting. The web series chronicles the explorations and investigations of known haunted locations that she and Sheena, as well as guests, will embark upon. The first installment of a two part series on the haunted Hotel Del Coronado outside of San Diego is already up on You Tube.


Listen to Danielle on

The Sheena Metal Experience
Mon - Fri, 5-7pm PST
call into the show: 818-602-4929
LaTalk Radio

Danielle Egnew Danielle is one of the featured repeat guests on hit talk radio show, The Sheena Metal Experience, sitting in and adding her sixth-sense sensibilites on not only the "Ask the Psychic" segments, but everyday topics.

Tune weekdays to hear Danielle and Sheena solve the world's problems! Call into the show and ask the Psychic
: 818-602-4929

Listen to archives with guest Danielle Egnew!
(to download, right-click link as select "Save Target As")
More current archives available on the LA Talk Radio Website.

July 17th 2009 - w / Danielle Egnew - archive
Is There A Difference Between Intuition And Psychic Ability?
How Long Would You Stay In A Haunted House?

June 26th 2009 - w / Danielle Egnew - archive
Are You Superstitious?
Does Each Human Being Come To Earth With A Purpose?

June 9th 2009 - w / Danielle Egnew - archive (first hour)
Are Extra-Terrestrials The Ancestors Of Human Beings?

May 25th 2009 - w / Danielle Egnew - archive
Do You Celebrate Memorial Day With Joy Or Sadness? 
Are Most Battlegrounds Haunted?

May 15th 2009 - w / Danielle Egnew - archive
Would You Live In A Haunted House?
Do You Believe In Mercury Retrograde?

April 1st 2009 - w / Danielle Egnew - archive (first hour)
Is It Scarier When It's A True Story?

March 4th 2009 - w / Danielle Egnew - archive

Are Some People Born Bad?
Is There Anything Real About Reality TV?

February 24th 2009 - w / Danielle Egnew - archive (second hour)
Have You Ever Seen A UFO?

February 9th 2009 - w / Danielle Egnew - archive (first hour)

Have You Ever Experienced Deja-Vu?

February 3rd 2009 - w / Danielle Egnew - archive (first hour)
Do You Believe In Psychic Predictions?

anuary 28th 2009 - w / Danielle Egnew - archive

Do You Believe That People And Places Can Be Haunted?
Is There Energy In All Things?

January 23rd 2009 - w / Danielle Egnew - archive
Do The Dead Really Have Messages For The Living?
Is There Such A Thing As Demonic Possession?

January 19th 2009 - w / Danielle Egnew - archive (first hour)
Do You Believe In Astrology?

January 5th 2009 - w / Danielle Egnew - archive (first hour)
Has Paranormal Phenomenon Oversaturated Our Society?

Former Paranormal Radio Projects

The High Road

++The High Road is currently Off Air.++

The High Road is True Talk that that Truly isn't afraid of anything. Focusing on Hot Sociological, Spiritual, and Paranormal topics, The High Road challenges listeners to not only be entertained, but THINK, then ACT.

Hosted by Multi-Award Winning Media Personality, Writer, and World-Renowned Clairvoyant Channeler Danielle Egnew, The High Road treads upon areas that are considered too taboo or too touchy by the average talk radio host. But Danielle Egnew is a true triple threat -- edgy, educated, and entertaining!

Unlike the Shock-Jocks of the '90's, Danielle isn't hedging for over-done effect. She's simply off-kilter and straight-shooting in a way that many consider controversial due to her chosen subject matter alone. Whether the topic is "Who Hijacked Jesus" or "Dancing with the Karma Queen -- Who's Leading?", Danielle Egnew intelligently tells it like it is without fear.

High Road Trivia:
The High Road Theme is written and performed
by host Danielle Egnew!


© 2004 - 2013 Danielle Egnew, Clairvoyant Channel™ / All Rights Reserved.

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