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Is there an unwanted presence in your home or workspace, or simply an echo of negative transactions that once occurred, leaving a disruptive energy print?

Perhaps you have an object with which you must work, like a guitar or a desk, that has an unidentifiable yet negative resonance to it. Or perhaps you are trying to start anew in life, and would like a "clean slate" spiritually in your environment.

Danielle has been a featured member of numerous "ghost hunting" teams, entering 

Home  Cleansing

into classic hotels and old crime scenes to help determine the nature of disturbances, utilizing her Spiritual Gifts and Talents. 

Danielle employs her Clairvoyant and Empathic gifts to determine the root of the disturbance such as origins of the entity or echo. She then invokes the Light of Mother-Father God to completely cleanse the space or object of its negative attachments, as well as working with stones, tones, and sacred grasses. Many realtors have employed Danielle's ability to balance space in order to sell homes that have sat on the market for a long duration of time.

Danielle also counsels with an individual on how to maintain a clean spiritual space filled with the Light of Mother-Father God, all for the client's highest good. Due to Danielle's schedule, special arrangements must be made in order to book a home cleansing. Please email for more information.

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