This is a live recording from Danielle Egnew's sold-out forum in Billings, Montana, "The Magic of Money: Unlocking Secret Money Energy in 2020". The forum was recorded on 2-22-2020 and came in at 2 hours and 20 minutes. 2 is the number of the feminine. This forum is about channeling money in the feminine timeframe. That's how you know that angels are with you! It's a miraculous piece of information.

Forum description:

This is not just another “motivational” or “manifestation” forum. This is a tutorial on how to wield the new 2020 world Yin energies in order to change your financial life, indefinitely. Join Psychic / Angel Translator, Medium and Author Danielle Egnew (ABC, NBC, CW, Travel Channel, Washington Post, Huffington Post) in this specially discounted forum so that many more may attend, to learn how to break the consumerist and cultural consumerist brainwashing, in order to learn:

What energy is money most attracted to? How can we cultivate this money energy? What are three things that we can do in order to maintain our relationship with this money-drawing energy? Which pieces of ourselves must we give away before we can truly receive prosperity? How do we know if we are turning potential money away? And what’s the greatest lie of the old world pertaining to money, and our accessibility to it?

Listen to this eye-opening forum and free yourself from the poverty consciousness that has been imposed upon the world for thousands of years! Be prepared to walk away with everything you need to know about changing your financial — the rest of — your life.

Grab paper and something to write with, as this incredible transformational information is dense — you won’t want to miss any of it!

The Magic of Money: Unlocking Secret Money Energy in 2020

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