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Download Danielle's acclaimed
Meditation Music!
'Creation Whispers'

Multi award-winning Artist and renowned Psychic Danielle Egnew brings the first of many passive listening mediation experiences to her vast musical catalogue with "Creation Whispers". Using the powerful attributes of sound as a healing and energetic release tool, Danielle has pooled her years of knowledge as a tonal healer as well as producer and musician to compose this highly effective passive-listening ambient mediation CD. Applying both her sound science and Psychic background to the healing tonal canvas of "Creation Whispers", Danielle artfully weaves together specific musical overtones and patterns in order to create harmonics which are designed to trigger relaxing and meditative Theta Wave activation in the brain. Theta Waves are associated with meditation, Psychic ability, and the pre-cursor to deep sleep -- or Delta Waves. "Creation Whispers" is extremely effective for stress relief, chakral cleansing, meditation, and use prior to bedtime. Due to the heightened Theta Wave activity in the brain inspired by this work, it is not recommended to listen while driving or operating heavy machinery. Sit back, relax, and sink into "Creation Whispers" by Danielle Egnew -- and allow the deep healing power of sound to wash away the stresses of life.

Download from iTunes

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Danielle's LATEST BOOK!

Daily Spiritual Insight:
365 Lessons for Lifetime Growth

Order your own hard copy directly from Amazon or available
at Barjon's Books in Billings, MT
download your digital copy from Kindle,
and many other eReaders!

Even order your own signed copy by Danielle!

Danielle Egnew - Daily Spiritual Insight: 365 Lessons for LIfetime Growth

Order a copy signed by the author!

About the Book:

Psychic, Medium and Author Danielle Egnew (ABC, NBC, TNT, USA, LA Talk Radio) brings you 'Daily Spiritual Insight: 365 Lessons for Lifetime Growth', an easily digestible daily journal designed to edify your life while bringing through insights based upon her in-depth work with angels and the spirit realm. Daily life doesn’t allow much time for reflection. Many of us are working more than one job, supporting a family, even going back to school. The list of daily items that occupy our time is enormous. Many have endured horrible life events that have left deep scars that they struggle to overcome, all the while juggling a disjointed daily routine that commands our fading focus. This journal is about realistically making changes within your spirit and your psyche -- starting right where you are today. One lesson at a time. One day at a time. One decision at a time. Simply focus on the lesson for the day and that lesson only. Put the lesson for the day to use. Allow 24 hours to let the lesson sink in. Then allow a lifetime for the lesson to blossom. Change is a decision and then an action. It’s that simple. You can do this.

More books from Danielle:

Danielle Egnew - True Tales of the Truly Weird

True Tales of the Truly Weird:
Real Paranormal Accounts from a
Real Psychic

"This woman is the Real Deal. Wit, sensibility, charm and true ability. Read her book."
-- Kim Rhodes, Actress (CW's 'Supernatural')

Order your own hard copy or download your digital copy from Kindle, Nook, iBook, and

many other eReaders. Grab your hard or digital copy and learn what's REALLY out there lurking in the ethers!

About the Book: Truth is weirder than fiction. From Ghosts to Demons, Extraterrestrials to Kachinas, Banshees to Elementals, talking plants to people who cannibalize another’s liver, Psychic, Medium and Author Danielle Egnew uncovera secrets of the magnificent yet monstrous unseen world that surrounds us everyday, recounted in exquisite and disturbing detail as experienced first-hand through Danielle’s extraordinary Psychic abilities. Read more!

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Danielle Egnew -- Live Forum!

Saturday Aug. 29th 2015
Four H
our Intensive Workshop!


(Hour lunch break 2-3pm)


Developing Your Psychic Gifts for 2016:
The Year of Reclamation

with Danielle Egnew

A Four Hour Intensive Workshop
with Handouts and Exercises!

***Only 25 workshop spaces available. Early registration encouraged! The last Psychic Development class sold out weeks in advance***

About the workshop:

There has never been a more accelerated time, spiritually, in human history. Our spiritual physics have changed in this third dimension as it is shifting to a higher vibration, and our ability to affect our surroundings with our intentions, as well as receive information -- is at an all-time HIGH. As a spirit being in a flesh body, you know you have Spiritual and Psychic gifts. You may refer to your gifts as Intuition or “a feeling”. Yet these gifts are one of your most powerful tools especially as we ramp into one of the most exciting years we’ve had in many decades: 2016’s Year of Reclamation. 2016 is year two in a three year ascendance cycle, with 2015 being the Year of Reconciliation. 2016 represents the calling-in of our highest gifts and opportunities so that our talents may be applied to better our world, and to better this dimension. It is not only in our highest good, but imperative that we are comfortable accessing and applying our Spiritual Gifts so that we may navigate that which is, and always has been, intended for us. Join Psychic, Medium and Author Danielle Egnew (ABC, NBC, TNT, USA, CW) for this life-changing 4 hour intensive workshop that not only helps you streamline, identify and continue to develop your gifts, but explains what 2016’s reclamation energy is all about -- AND how to apply your most incredible gifts under the new spiritual physics! Danielle will provide handouts and participants will undergo Psychic exercises designed to enhance their gifts under 2016’s accelerated Reclamation Energy.  Participants are encouraged to bring a notepad and paper, as well as a bottle of water. Be part of this soul-opening workshop, activate your highest gifts and talents, and reclaim all that has been set aside for you by Universe in 2016!  Online registration is available with credit card only at

Due to limited workshop space, refunds are not available for this event. More on the venue here.

Psychic Workshop Aug 29


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Gift Certificates are HERE!

Holidays, Birthdays, or
Just Because --
Give the Gift of Clarity!

Gift that special someone
a one hour or thirty minute
reading with Internationally
Renowned Psychic and Medium
Danielle Egnew!

One Hour Reading - $135.00
Please specify name of recipient and
your name as this will be the office's
tracking information.


Half Hour Reading - $70.00
Please specify name of recipient and
your name as this will be the office's
tracking information.


Order today to allow plenty of scheduling time!


July 25th 2015
Barjon's Books
Billings, MT

Breaking Down Barriers:
Liberating the Mind from Limitation
with Danielle Egnew

Claim your power to achieve anything by removing the programmed blocks that many of us have accepted as "reality". Employ the power of Spiritual Physics and change your world! Admission $35. Each forum attendee may ask Danielle one psychic question during the forum. Sign up today by calling Barjon's Books at (406) 252 - 4398. Reservations are not confirmed until payment is received by venue or online. Connect with your Highest Self now!

Limitations Forum July 25

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Thursdays at 7pm

Weeknight Spiritual Service
with Rev. Danielle Egnew

Unity Church
9 14th St. W.
(corner of 14th and Lynn off Central)
Billings, MT 59102

Get a blast of thought and spirit-inspiring Light for your weekend during this quick outside-the-box "mini service" focusing on the spiritual message -- no more than half an hour to 40 minutes! Recharge, then CHARGE! ALL people are invited and ALL roads to God are Good! Pave yours!

Listen to past Thursday Services here!

Danielle Egnew also handles the third Sunday of every month as the Sunday morning Pastor at Unity Church.


Second Sunday Monthly
(on hiatus for summer)
Barjon's Books
223 North 29th Street  
Billings, MT 59101

Interfaith Non-Denominational
Spiritual Service

with Rev. Danielle Egnew

Join Danielle Egnew for a fear-free, dogma-free celebration in community and Spirit during this 40 minute long Interfaith Trans-Denominational service. All faiths are welcome as all roads to God are good! Come be part of this monthly event, occurring the second Sunday of every month at Barjon’s Books!  


  Radio and TV


K-Rock 105.1 FM
Every Monday morning from 8-9am MT, join Danielle on K-Rock 105.1 FM Billings, MT on The Michael and Kaitlyn show as Danielle takes your LIVE Psychic
questions - Call (406) 238 - 1075 ! Tune in on the dial or listen to the live stream online (coming soon)!


Psight Unseen with Danielle Egnew

Join Danielle twice on Wednesday evenings with her show Psight Unseen (7-8pm MT), Spiritual and Paranormal Talk, great guests, and more! Call in with Psychic questions and comments -- (406) 545 - 4496 -- or, join Danielle and other listeners LIVE in the chat room! Listen LIVE on!

Listen to PSIGHT UNSEEN archives here!

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TV News:

Watch Danielle with the rest of her Psychic and Investigative Teammates on the April 11th 2011 episode of MISSING PEACE -- The Norma Lopez Case!

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Catch the first episode of the
Haunted Playground Companion Web Series

on YouTube!

Haunted Playground Web Series

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Film and Video

Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting

The Acclaimed Paranormal Documentary
Directed by and Starring Danielle Egnew



"The REAL LIFE Paranormal Activity..."
--Hollywood Today

“Hits Big with True Story...appeals to audience’s
deepest fears."
-- CNN Showbiz Tonight

"Chilling documentary just might make a believer out of you."
-- Matt Nagle, Tacoma Weekly

MOntgomery House: The Perfect Haunting

Film Credits

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