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"The REAL LIFE Paranormal Activity..."
--Hollywood Today


“Hits Big with True Story...appeals to audience’s deepest fears."
-- CNN Showbiz Tonight

"Chilling documentary just might make a believer out of you."
-- Matt Nagle, Tacoma Weekly

Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting

Directed by and starring Danielle Egnew
Run time: 156 minutes
Genre: Documentary

 Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting is the acclaimed paranormal documentary uncovering the origins of the terrifying and unpredictable haunted history of the Montgomery House Bed and Breakfast in Kalama, WA. With the aid of local Native American tribal

leaders, historians, a psychologist, two reputable local paranormal investigation group ( South Sound Paranormal Reserach The Western Pacific Paranormal Alliance ), first-hand paranormal accounts from Bed and Breakfast guests, owners, local townsfolk, and a Bevvy of spiritual healers and leaders of many sects, the dark secrets and complicated identity of Montgomery House are brought into the light.


Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting not only presents riveting paranormal evidence of the existence of other-worldy beings living among us, but unlike many paranormal documentaries, reveals and examines in-depth the individual ingredients that have come together to birth this previously undocumented haunting of such staggering magnitudes.


Psychic Danielle Egnew works closely with skeptics, investigators, and unearthly beings alike to apply science and elements of the fantastic in order to bring into focus some of the most frightening elements of the unknown for the purpose of educating the mainstream public on the reality of what exists around us, everyday.


Filmed on location in three different states and packed with Danielle Egnew’s own original musical score and many other archived haunting Americana artists, Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting is an unnerving but fascinating twenty-first century expose on the haunting left behind by only the most extreme human suffering.

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