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There are, literally, hundreds of Chakra zones within the energy field of the human spirit. But within the human physical body, there are seven main Chakra zones that are, in effect, "energy centers" that store a tremendous amount of information.

Having a muddled Chakra zone is much like damming up a river and wondering why the water still continues to pile down the mountain full of mud, spilling over the top of the dam. 


Our Chakras are our "spiritual energy 

Blockage  Release

checkpoints", and it benefits us to keep them  open, warm, and flowing. Identifying a blocked Chakra zone by Empathically feeling them first on herself,  Danielle uses hands-on energy displacement with individuals to interrupt negative energy flow in major and minor Chakra zones.

"Clogged" Chakras result in negative physical bi-products such as sore muscles, spasms, unusually intense menstrual pain, "heartburn", arthritis-like joint pain, sleep deprivation, anxiety, illness, and "pinched nerves". Negative spiritual ramifications stemming from the interruption of positive Chakra flow are high in numbers, interrupting the relaxation of meditation and prayer, and adding to a gradually mounting disorientation that is sometimes misdiagnosed as depression.

Chakras can become "clogged" or "closed" for a myriad of reasons, both emotional and spiritual. Danielle identifies the root problem of the blockage through her Spiritual Gifts and Talents and assists individuals in eradicating the offending issues.

Danielle employs her Healing abilities, interceding on the individual's behalf to direct the person through a tour of their inner spiritual self, working to identify areas in which the individual has subscribed to fear and illusions - the trademark tools of what we consider "darkness".

It is best for a person to have an idea of where they are feeling a block. These blocks can be spiritual, emotional, and in some cases, be residual negativity wrongly carried forward from an unresolved past incarnation issue.

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