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This Channeling area of Spiritual Gifting, also known as Mediumship, comes with a particular host of responsibilities, as many "things" in the universe would love to have our undivided attention, and use a third-party body in which to broadcast their message.


However, often those "things" are not coming from a place of God, or Light. The ability to properly discern the origin of spiritual messages from incoming sources is paramount when channeling such information. 

Me d i u m s h i p

Danielle hears, sees, and relays information from a host of entities with a focus on Light/Mother-Father God-centered sources, such as angels, spirit guides, and occasionally, when appropriate, actual deceased relatives. These messages are in relation to a pertinent question or Life Path Issue weighing heavily on an individual, or an event that requires clarification, such as a location where a violent crime took place, or contacting disruptive spirits at an unsettling haunting for the purpose of moving them along. 

Like a Medium, who contacts (and is sometimes physically occupied) by a specific entity, Danielle acts as a conscious channel, yet is never completely overtaken, or "physically occupied", by the spirit in question. She simply channels the information given to her by the designated spiritual entity who is communicating the appropriate message, while communicating with the spirit on behalf of the client, law enforcement official, or paranormal group.

Mostly contacted by client's angelic guides, or "guardian angels", Danielle sometimes shares with the guide an emotional response through her Empathic abilities, to better understand and communicate the message.

Since Danielle does not operate in a manner that would ever compromise an individual's highest good, one may not always "get to talk to" the deceased person they are seeking, if that deceased person is at rest, has nothing to communicate to the client, or if contacting that spirit would not support the client's highest growth. However, a client's angelic guides are able to "pass information" through the ethers regarding a deceased loved one, if the information is in the highest good of the client.

Danielle does not chose to use her gifts in this area to contact deceased celebrities on behalf of "fans". That type of obsessive "fan" energy is not consistent with Danielle's commitment to aligning a client with their highest good, in order for them to facilitate their own growth.

Be very cautious when choosing to counsel with someone who claims to be a Channel, or a Medium. A wrongly centered Medium will open up maximum problems for you!

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