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Life Path Clarification is a process Danielle has developed after many years, involving viewing an individual's innermost person through Empathic and Clairvoyant means, "reading" the emotional and spiritual "blueprint" to be found in our intrinsic soul.

Utilizing this technique, Danielle assists in evaluating the individual's life journey wishes, also accepting information offered from the individual's spirit guides to better assist the individual in making the positive spiritual and emotional corrections. All information delivered is intended to assist 

Life  Path  Clarification

the individual in best achieving their highest good.

Life Path Clarification is useful when a client feels stagnant in their home life or profession, and doesn't know why, or is confused by the appearance of too many choices. The process "sheds light" on the darker corners of the spiritual blocks we all tend to unknowingly place in our own way, or baggage that we carry, hindering our path and stunting our highest growth.

Life Path Clarification is also useful for artists -- actors, painters, writers, musicians -- in identifying blockages that impede the flow and channeling of creative information from the ultimate artistic source -- God.

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