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Earth is an intense and fast-paced learning opportunity for deep soul growth. As such, all souls that inhabit the earth have generally had some sort of life experience either on the earth, or elsewhere.

Due to the chaotic nature or earth's learning environment, most human souls have lived other lifetimes prior to entering the current life and body of today. In fact, some of these past life times may not have been lived as a human being upon the earth, yet perhaps in an OffWorld realm in order to learn a completely separate set of life lessons.

Discovering  Past  Lives

Though they no longer define us, our past lives are an amazing history of who and where we’ve been, all cumulating into the powerful and capable being that we are today.

Our past lives play into how we not only view our world, yet many past lives have left individuals with “trace elements” of past events. These can at times be troubling or confusing as our spirits carry with them an attempt to learn past lessons.

Exploring past lives can be an invigorating and deeply educational part of an individual’s spiritual journey. Many people are fascinated to find out that their unexplainable “phobia’ in this life time is often related to a traumatic event form the past, carried within the soul as the soul seeks to heal.

Sometimes exploring past lives then sheds light on a challenging relationship in this lifetime. Often, that relationship was shared in a previous life, or perhaps the souls have known one another in a past life and are seeking to work out tough or even enjoyable karmic lessons.

A past life discovery session allows Danielle to weigh in with the client’s angelic guides (who are present with us in each lifetime) to extract detailed information on not only past lives, yet their application in our learning cycle this lifetime. As Danielle presents these lifetimes, clients often express relief at hearing information that resonates within their soul.


Clients may also experience deep emotionality as Danielle revisits the lives she is shown, as clients acknowledge histories that they were not aware they were carrying.

With the conscious acknowledgment of challenging past experiences such as pain, suffering, victimization or confusion, our souls then release the past experiences from our energy field. We are then free to learn and experience brand new lessons in our current lifetime, “unblocking” progress we are able to achieve in the now -- putting to rest burdens of the past.  

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