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Frequently Asked Questions.

   Because sometimes, 

       you just need to know.


8) What if I don't like what you have to say while Advising, or I don't agree?

9) Doesn't doing Psychic realm work make you a tool of evil? It says so in the Bible.

10) Who do you think is your Higher Power?

11) Is there any difference between someone like you and some wanna-be "Miss Cleo" type lady who was busted for fraud?

12) I think I may have Spiritual Gifts, too. How did you know you had your Gifts?

13) You're just a flesh-and-blood person, like me. What gives you the authority to heal me, or talk to my angels, or clear demons out of my house?

14) If you've supposedly worked for so many celebrities and law enforcement agencies, why don't you list them?

15) I'm told I have a curse placed on me. Can you take the curse off?

16) If you can heal people, why can you heal some people, but not others?

17) What is my ex / current love interest doing right now? Will he or she call me? Do they really love me?


1) I love you in Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting and on TRVL / Discovery+!  How do I get you on my TV / Radio Show / Podcast?

By asking! Email me and tell me about your awesome broadcast endeavor -- I'm always very honored that you're thinking of me! I really enjoy representing the paranormal and spiritual in media and being part of a team!

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2) How can I get an appointment with you?

By making one :)! I love to speak with clients! Though I'm often traveling for TV and other appearances, my private spiritual practice is located in the healing lands of Bozeman, Montana. I read for clients all over the world via telephone, and also in person. 

You may book with me online for Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. 

I read for people in person, and over the phone. Both types of readings are of equal "accuracy" - your angels are spot on whether we get the fantastic chance to sit across from each other, or whether we're on a fabulous phone call. 


Now, due to a busy schedule with film, TV and Radio, I can sometimes be booked quite a bit in advance, so I really appreciate your patience. I do take clients for my Private Practice by appointment only, and to make sure that there's no confusion, those appointments must be confirmed via email confirmation through our online booking system.

I will receive the same fabulous quality of information from your guides and your angels whether you are in person, or over the phone, because they love you :)! So whatever s the most convenient for you -- I'm in!

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3) Aren't you on Facebook? Can't I get a reading from you there?

Yes, I am on Facebook, and I love staying in touch with friends, family and fans there, so come be my friend and let's talk all things spiritual!

Unfortunately, I don't do readings through Facebook, as it's just not an appropriate venue. I use my Facebook page to stay in touch with everyone and encourage everyone to share their individual spiritual experiences, more like a safe space for a spiritual community. I welcome all sorts of spiritual discussion on my page and I love to dive in and gab about paranormal topics, but those topics do not include "just one personal question" in my Facebook inbox. If you would like a reading, I'm happy to direct you to my easy to use scheduling page . With millions of people using facebook, I appreciate your understanding very much, and look forward to shooting the Facebook breeze about angels, Bigfoot, UFO's, spiritual gifts, and all things that go bump in the night!

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4) Are Clairvoyants 100% accurate?

No. Though I've been told that I have a great track record when it comes to accuracy, and I do my very best to deliver the most accurate information that will benefit an individual's highest good, no human being in Spiritual Advisement is ever 100% accurate, 100% of the time. Stay away from "Psychics" who claim to be 100% accurate. They're full of beans. If you'd like advisement that is 100% accurate, I will refer you to the best Spiritual Advisor and Psychic that I know-- The Great Spirit Creator God. God is also very good listener, and very affordable per hour-- free.

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5) Can I get an emergency reading from you? I'll pay extra for it, especially if its late at night or on a weekend.


Before anyone takes it personally that my staff isn't getting right back to them, please know that unfortunately my schedule often just doesn't allow last-minute appointments, and so my staff isn't able to fulfill these requests. In addition, I've noted after doing this many, many years -- though I am ALWAYS in your corner to help you out and to support you, I would really like to encourage everyone to take a big breath and work through the issue, and then call for a reading.


I know, that kind of sucks eggs when you're smack in the middle of a big freak-out. Yet with VERY few exceptions, I've noted that there truly is no such thing as a "Psychic emergency", though there are many practitioners out there who are happy to charge you 3x their normal rate to take an "emergency reading".  

This will be better on your life path, if you take a moment to simply sit with the issue, as the pressing emergency is usually something that has been plopped on your plate in order for you to work out some kinks -- for your highest good and highest growth. Give it a day or two. 

Not to mention, this will be better on your budget. Morally, I just can't justify taking "more money" from a person who is suffering in need, or in desperation. I find it's best to reach out to a good pal to work through our immediate freak-outs that come up in life during these times.

Obviously, you can reach out to see if there are any cancellations that day. Yet that doesn't happen very often.

The exception I make to this rule is in the case of law enforcement seeking assistance with missing children cases, which have a 24 hour window, or other law-enforcement related issues that are time-sensitive.

Big breath. You can do it. I have faith in you, and so do your angels! Talk to me after the dust settles a little -- you will learn SO much more!     

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6) How can you be an Ordained Minister if God hates Psychics?

Actually, God doesn't hate anyone, but people sure know how to teach the idea of a god that would hate as much as we would! God would especially love those who utilize all those wonderful Spiritual Gifts and Abilities that God gave them. And yes, I am indeed an Ordained Minister. I have been blessed to have lead a number of Spiritual gatherings-- from progressive Christian churches to meditation meetings, to Native American spiritual gatherings where I can enjoy my Cherokee and Lakota heritage. I enjoy Pastoring very much, but most Church organizations (with the exception of a very few) have a difficult time with the idea of a Pastor who also openly admits to being a Psychic. Go figure.

I find my Pastoral background to be very effective in dealing with Demonic entities and in counseling families whose homes have been infested with unnecessary darkness.

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7) Is there some kind of state test or something you have take to prove you have a sixth sense?

I wish there was a state test -- it would certainly weed out those who wish to use the word "Psychic" to hoodwink others. But since the nature and origin of spiritual communication and metaphysical phenomenon still remains largely non-quantifiable through our scientific community, there is no way to "prove" an individual is Psychic outside of personal experiences, or watching the outcome of any "predicted" situation. I will encourage everybody to see the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?" That takes a lot of the "spooky" out of the metaphysical, and puts it into a much more scientific perspective.

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8) What if I don't like what you have to say while Advising, or I don't agree?

I encourage everyone to ALWAYS use your brain during a Spiritual Advisory session. Remember, I (or any other Spiritual Advisor) am not here to think for you, only to point out options delivered from your guides with a Divine perspective, for your highest good. Also remember, as seriously as I respect and love my Spiritual work, the nature of Spiritual Advisory, or "readings", technically falls under "for entertainment purposes only", due to the fact that human beings are not Omnipotent.

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9) Doesn't doing Psychic realm work make you a tool of evil? It says so in the Bible.

Actually, the Bible has a lot of fascinating things to say about metaphysical communications. By today's terminology, Elijah and Ezekial were Clairvoyants that "saw dead people" and talked to angels. The apostle John had prophetic dreams, as did Daniel. John The Baptist was a Clairvoyant Healer deeply plagued by his visions, who was sought out by the Christ Jesus himself for baptism. What the Bible actually condemns are those individuals who claim themselves to be "the power" behind the reading or healing, rather than understanding that all spiritual knowing and healing comes from the Great Spirit Creator God -- humans are just the messengers and conduits for communication.

The Bible warns people primarily against two things in this area:

1) against worshipping "false idols" as there are unfortunately many false Psychics and Healers who require their clientele to believe in their power, rather than the power of the Great Creator God.

2) completely relying on a third party, such as a Medium or a Psychic, as the power source for the individual's entire spiritual enlightenment. Frankly, many mainstream Christian churches must be careful of this wrong doctrine as well -- I have known many whose Christian pastors' claim themselves to be the enlightened key to Christ, and for a love-gift of only $29.95 a month, you too can buy a piece of God's ear!

The Great Spirit Creator God wants you to be able to establish a personal relationship with God, and rely on the Divine Light of God inside of you as the authority on your highest good.

We reputable Light Workers act as "advisors" on your spiritual journey, not as "messiahs". Run from anyone claiming to be a "messiah". That's just flat creepy.

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10) Who do you think is your Higher Power?

My higher power is what most would traditionally call God. However, the Amazing, Grace-Granting, Unconditionally Loving God that I sit with and pray to is barely recognizable by most conventional standards, in a world teaching a wrathful, angry deity who supposedly punishes people for breathing wrong, or voting for the wrong party.

May I be the first to say that teaching this wrong "Doctrine of Darkness" within most of our sociological and church walls has NOTHING to do with the true character of God. I sort of feel protective towards God. Not that God needs MY help in this area ;), but I feel like God has gotten a very bum wrap by those who slander God's character in order to gain a sense of power through the wrong administration of God's supposed wishes while wearing the ego of a special social club for the "pious elite".

These may sound like harsh words -- but Jesus delivered some very similar set of words to a religious social club back in His time. And if it's good enough for Jesus -- it's good enough for me.

I believe in educating people on the true nature of God, who lives within them. Not scaring people into God because the "devil" is too powerful -- what a riot. Dark energy is the least powerful thing in the universe. Any person, church, or organization that preaches and teaches to fear darkness is an organization that gives the POWER TO THE DARK. Watch out for that.

God comes in many shapes and sizes, and many forms. Though my personal faith is rooted in many things from Native American Spirituality to the Christian teachings I pass along as a minister, I recognize that there are many paths to God-- Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, just to name a few. And all paths to God are GOOD!

If you seek the purity of God that is within you, then GOD will find you, no matter what journey you take. God really is LOVE. Not judgment. Not isolation or discrimination or punishment -- we do those things to ourselves.

Want an extra mind-blower? There is no "hell", outside of what you create for yourself, everyday. God doesn't punish. God doesn't exile. WE punish ourselves. WE create isolation. The only thing that God has to do with any of it is -- God allows you the free will to choose whatever it is you want for yourself. Then God lets you do it.

So choose wisely, Grasshopper.

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11) Is there any difference between someone like you and some wanna-be "Miss Cleo" type lady who was busted for fraud?

I certainly hope so. Just like any other field, a few bad apples can often spoil the bunch. Because of the poor actions of a few individuals, those of us who are reputable spiritual workers must endure the stereotype.

I don't employ hundreds of "readers" all over the country to whom I forward calls. I don't have a TV commercial, and I don't charge $4.99 a minute.

I maintain the blessing of a full regular clientele. I also do varied work with Law Enforcement, creative consulting with Hollywood Studios on their paranormal content, and I assist paranormal teams in ridding homes of unwanted spiritual "guests". But sorry -- no midnight 1-900-Danielle line!

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12) I think I may have Spiritual Gifts, too. How did you know you had your Gifts?

It is my opinion that "sixth sense" abilities are the innate and Divine right for all people, given to us by God as a navigating and communicating element, amongst other things. Some of us may recognize our gifts and talents, and others may never allow ourselves to experience anything that non-quantifiable. But if you are beginning to recognize gifts and talents that you have, then my recommendation is to attempt to identify what talents you feel you may have, and learn about them. 

The web is also full of free and amazing resources to research spiritual gifts and talents. In addition, I have a great audio workshop on just that topic! Also, put out a "soul call" -- a prayer, or meditation-- that the perfect people will be brought into your life to assist you with your journey, the right people with perfect intentions, for your most perfect learning, under grace and perfect conditions.

I will caution you against wanting to use your gifts and talents in any way that would not edify love, light, and the highest path for your spirit or the spirit of others. Darkness is a weak, weak force, an illusion, and attempting to wield it against another is in direct opposition to your Primary Design as a child of Light and Love. This is a free choice environment -- make good choices.

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13) You're just a flesh-and-blood person, like me. What gives you the authority to heal me, talk to my angels, or clear demons out of my house?

I have no more authority than you do, and certainly never consider myself any authority figure! On the contrary, I work solely on the principle of acting within the true authority of Light and Love as administrated by the Great Spirit Creator God. I stand in the gap and facilitate YOUR decision to Heal. Your healing is a contract between you and God. I just help you focus that energy. 

As far as "casting out demons" in a literal sense, I would refer you to a licensed exorcist through the Catholic Church to anchor such an activity, though I have been part of exorcism teams. Clearing out negativity in homes, identifying a negative presence and sending it on it's way -- I can assist you with any of those issues.

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14) If you've supposedly worked for so many celebrities and law enforcement agencies, why don't you list them?

I honor the requests of my clientele. The celebrities with whom I've worked with have requested that I do not publicize their names as a measure of their privacy. Celebrities are just people, too, and come to me with very real, personal issues.

As far as my specific work with Law Enforcement or private case agencies, there are legal issues that prohibit me from talking about cases on which I've worked. 

In the past, I've volunteered my time to the National Missing Person's organization FIND ME, which couples Psychics and Law Enforcement. This is a wonderful national organization which vets each Psychic that works with them. If you're up for donating to a great cause, I'd highly recommend them. 

If you are a family wishing to have assistance with solving a case, please have the law officer that you are currently working with contact me via email at: contact (at) . Law enforcement must be notified prior to bringing in any Psychic, to ensure no conflict of interest in the investigation. I volunteer my services when working with law enforcement or families of a violent crime.

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15) I'm told I have a curse placed on me. Can you take the curse off?

No -- because you don't have a curse on you.

"Curses" are an illusion. They don't exist. "Curses" are a term used by powerless people who wishes to control others, and can't figure out how to do it, so they attempt to scare the person they are disliking by claiming to cast a "curse" on them. You need to realize that you are a beautiful child of Light, a Child of the Great Spirit Creator God, the single most powerful force in the universe. You are Divinely protected, by the very nature of who and what you are. No "curse" or "evil" can come upon you or do you harm, without you agreeing to participate with it.

In other words, if you go to a Haunted House on Halloween, you're going there specifically to be scared out of your wits. If you decide the minute you walk into that haunted house that the whole thing is just dumb, and you see the ghouls and goblins for exactly what they are-- people with masks on -- then it can't scare you anymore. "Curses" are the same way. If you really, really believe you have a curse on you, then YOU are willing into your life the negative energies that are supposed to be associated with the "curse" -- not the person "casting the spell". If you wish to "get rid of" a "curse", it's easy -- simply deny it. Don't participate in someone else's drama. Don't freak yourself out over nothing. You wouldn't be afraid of a two year old in Casper the Ghost costume, would you? Nah.

I will caution you against "Psychics" who claim that you have a curse on you, and for only ten more sessions, they can remove it. That's a load of horse bunk, and one of the oldest tricks in the book to keep a client coming back. Watch out for that. Give the money you would spend on that "Psychic" to a homeless shelter instead.

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16) If you can heal people, why can you heal some people, but not others?

Well, first of all, "I" don't heal people -- the Great Sprit Creator God heals people. I just act as an energy broker between the two, and help forcus that energy, moreso for the client -- God is pretty focused, and last I knew, really didn't need my help ;).

Second of all, because I am not in control of whether someone chooses to accept a healing, or heal themself, I only facilitate the process, not demand a result. Here's the deal:

We consider a healing to be a "miracle", when in fact -- we are 50% responsible for our miracles! Yep, it's true! We have to accept that we can be healed, in order to receive our healing. Doing our 50% means to accept, to receive, the healing that is ours. If you don't accept you can be healed, then God has to honor your free will -- and that means God has to wait to give you your healing until you decide you want it. Those are the rules.

You wanna know a secret about miracles? A "miracle" is an agreement between you and God, where you do your part to uphold your 50% of accepting and receiving, without doubt or question. Then God does the other 50% -- to deliver something to you of infinite joy. Our day would be FULL of miracles, if we only accepted that it was a possibility.

But most of us don't accept this notion of infinite miracles because we've been taught a wrong victim mentality where we must "go without" and be "in lack". Because let's face it -- if we ALL WOKE UP out of the ILLUSION that we were all victims here trapped "working for the man", and into the REALITY that AT ALL TIMES WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO GO INTO AGREEMENT WITH GOD AND MANIFEST EVERYTHING FOR OUR HIGHEST GOOD THAT WE'VE EVER DESIRED, then all the organizations in our society that try and control through victimization wouldn't really have a stronghold. And we can't have a capitalist society without a captive workforce WHO ALL SHARES THE SAME VICTIM BELIEF SYSTEM CULTURALLY AND SPIRITUALLY, now, can we? Think about that.

Seeing isn't believing. ACCEPTING is BELIEVING.

Try it. You'll change your life.

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17) Can you see what my ex /current love interest is doing right now? Will they call? Do they love me?

Though there are relationship issues that are valid to bring up during a reading,questions such as those above are much better suited for your very best friend, not a Psychic. Unlike some other Seers in my field, I consider it a breach of Spiritual Protocol to use the ethers as a method of tracking a third person's actions. (The only time I find this appropriate is in working with Law Enforcement.)

Though I can relate back to you probabilities of a phone call, or define a love signature and probability of a good or not-so-good match, attempting to peek into the mechanics a third party's romantic life ("Will he stay with her?"), or "Psychic Stalking", is not an overall energy that I chose to engage, as it is antithetical to my spiritual work. 

My spiritual work is rooted in directing clients to the path indicated by their angels and guides to be used for their highest good, which includes defining energy signatures for the purpose of learning about their own choices, and providing tools on how to let go of the outcome in order to achieve happiness, in any given situation. This "letting go" includes giving people on the other end of our affections the spiritual room, or time, to experience their own lessons. This then gives us room, or time, to experience our own as well.

Remember, the universe is here to provide you with information to SUPPORT your emotional growth -- not to snoop on others' progress. 

Though many of us struggle with the human need to know if we are loved or if we are appreciated in our relationships, my very best advice in order for you to achieve answers in that area is to work on the everyday communication in all of your relationships. Your partner, and your partner's actions, hold the answers to this question, not the proverbial crystal ball, or your angels. Never be afraid to speak out your needs in a relationship.

DO BE CAFEFUL of "Psychics" who claim to cast love spells on someone on your behalf, to provide you the outcome you wish to see. NEWSFLASH: Love is a "free will" issue. God can barely tell from day to day whether we are going to love God, because it is our choice from moment to moment. That being said, there is no human being who can "command" love, on cue, for the benefit of another. In short, there is *no* spell, potion, candle, or magic wand that can force one person to love another, as the very nature of "forcing" love cancels out the act of loving, as it is not a loving act. So no matter what you are told, how desperate you feel, what you want to believe, or which Barnum and Bailey Madame is attempting to sell you the "miracle love cure" --- there is no such thing as a love spell. Well, except for one: Dinner and a movie. 

That usually works ;).

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