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Throughout history, The Divine Power of God has communicated with humankind through our dreams. In the Bible, Joseph (of the amazing coat of many colors) was spared slavery by the Pharaoh for his ability to interpret dreams.

Utilizing all of her Spiritual Gifts and Talents, along with the insight of the individual's spirit guides, Danielle assists in interpreting the spiritual and emotional symbolism of dreams, a means through which human consciousness communicates and receive messages in the spiritual realm.

Dream  Interpretation

This process is particularly helpful and healing for individuals who experience night terrors and have recurring nightmares or anxiety dreams. Most dreams that stay with an individual over time, continuing to draw a person's attention, usually contain distinct spiritual message material for that individual, such Animal Totems that may visit during sleep when the physically conscious mind is at rest.

It is recommended, though not a requirement, that individuals who wish to delve into Dream Interpretation keep a dream journal of their dream activity for at least two weeks, as not to let time erode the details of the dreams.

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