Danielle reads in person and on the phone from her Private Spiritual Practice located in the Big Sky Country of Billings, MT.


Her available appointment days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, for appointments over the phone.


Below, we've provided a list of answers to booking questions our office regularly receives when booking Danielle.

Have a terrific reading! 

Any weekend or emergency appointments available? 

We are sorry, yet due to her event and production schedule, Danielle is not available for readings on weekends unless otherwise arranged. Danielle is often booked-up several weeks to several months in advance, so unfortunately last-minute or "emergency" readings are not available.

Does Danielle record her sessions with clients? 

Danielle reads for a diverse range of international clients. For the sake of privacy for all her clients, Danielle does not record sessions. Clients are welcome to record their sessions if they wish. Our office apologizes for any inconvenience this may extend to clients wishing to have their sessions recorded. 

Can Danielle Skype with me?

Clients phoning internationally may do so by acquiring a Skype phone number from which to phone Danielle's office cell at the scheduled time of the their appointment. If international clients are phoning from an iPhone, they may call Danielle using FaceTime audio. Unfortunately, due to Danielle's travel schedule, Skype video calls and FaceTime video calls are not currently an option as internet connections vary.

How much are readings? 

One Hour Reading - $300.00
Half Hour Reading - $150.00

Does Danielle do any energetic healing work?

Yes, though due to Danielle's differing TV production schedule, tonal alignment appointments with Danielle are suspended until further notice. Danielle utilizes Tibetan Bowls for Chakral balance in her available tonal alignment sessions. 

Service temporarily unavailable 

Where is Danielle located?

Danielle is in the Mountain time zone in Montana, USA. Generally, the online booking software adjusts for time changes from your time zone (when entered) and Danielle's time zone. 

If you'd like some confirmation on time zone conversion, from your time zone to Mountain Time USA, here is an easy-to-use online time zone converter.

How do I book an appointment?


On Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, Danielle reads on the phone for clients from her private practice in Billings, MT.  At this time, Danielle is offering ON PHONE online appointment bookings only, due to Danielle's TV Production schedule.

Clients may book directly with our office online, here. 

Available dates will appear on the calendar as open booking times. Appointments should not be considered scheduled unless confirmed via email by the office's online booking system.

What if I need to reschedule?


We understand -- life happens in the middle of our best-laid plans! We encourage you to reschedule at the link provided in your confirmation email. You may reschedule as many times as your schedule changes. Online rescheduling is available up to 24 hours up to your appointment time. To reschedule within that 24 hour window, please email appointment@danielleegnew-advisor.com and our office will do our best to meet your needs.

Please note that due to the time management constraints of Danielle's TV production schedule, appointment cancellations are non-refundable, which is why we encourage you to reschedule. Cancelled appointments will be released  for re-booking due to the volume of appointment requests.


As a courtesy to other businesses please DO NOT phone other outlets where Danielle makes appearances seeking assistance with office bookings. We will be able to serve you the very best right here, at appointment@danielleegnew-advisor.com

Thank you for your interest in speaking with Danielle. She very much looks forward to assisting you!