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Her primary form of spirit communication, Danielle is finely- tuned to receive what she terms as “the angel channel”, a frequency through which angelic beings communicate with not only her, but each other.  She is world-renowned for her work with Angelic entities, having been a content consultant on the angelic story lines for CW’s hit series, Supernatural. Her book, Daily Spiritual Insight: 365 Lessons for Lifetime Growth is a channeled work of angelic wisdom. 


Through her finely-tuned “angel channel”,  Danielle receives messages intended for the

Angelic  Communication

highest good for each recipient. Most of Danielle’s work is centered through communication with angelic beings, for not only clarification of images that she will be receiving, yet also for the most direct interpretation of events and time lines that are presented for clientele.

Angels are messengers. As such, they rely on our free will to ask for the help we’d like to receive. Danielle translates messages from each individual’s team, or “guardian angels”, to assist in guiding clients through making challenging decisions in all areas of their life.

Angelic communication is especially helpful in understanding and interpreting world events, as angels are temporal beings who are “air traffic control” for all human time lines, as well as other dimensions. Fortune 500 company executives have utilized Danielle’s ability to communicate with angelic beings to survey upcoming world trends.

 Angels hold a unique perspective to our spiritual path and approach their communication with love. Their goal is to assist us in relinquishing behaviors and choices that would inhibit us from our most direct route to learning and to our highest success. Angels are fantastic interpreters of events, and Danielle is highly gifted in the arena of translating the angelic language as well as reading the energetic probability maps that angelic life present in their communication with humanity.

Angels communicate in what Danielle terms as “cubes” of information – densely-packed sessions. It is recommended for clients to record their sessions with Danielle, as it has been reported that so much information is passed along, it becomes at-times overwhelming for clients to recall all of the content at a later time. (Unfortunately, due to privacy concerns from many of Danielle clients, her office does not record readings. Clients are always welcome to record their sessions on the client end.)

For this particularly engaging, enlightening and special experience, schedule a reading with Danielle today to hear what your own angels have to say about your questions, crossroads, or concerns.

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