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OOOOH my heavens (no pun intended, but that was good!) I have angels lining up next year for me to paint them -- more than I can even accomodate! I don't know who they belong to yet, but I will soon!

My 2024 painting schedule will be tighter than 2023, so I'll only be able to accommodate *5* painting opportunities, starting in January of 2024!

Allow me to paint your angel!

I TRULY LOVE THIS WORK!! This is one of my most fun personal opportunities to show the world what your guardian angels look like! In 2022, I was only able to accomodate 7 portrait commissions due to my schedule. In 2023, I made room in my schedule for 9 commissions, and those angel painting slots sold out within 10 days of the offering! In fact, I am currently creating these paintings, and many have headed out into the world to be with their humans.

There were unfortuately far more requests for the portraits than I was able to fill, in both 2022 and 2023.

With that in mind--I'm making my 2024 painting schedule NOW, to accommodate *5* painting opportunities, starting in January of 2024!

And I'm opening up the list on a first-come, first serve basis. As folks purchase their 2024 commissions now, they reserve that space into next year!

How it works:
After you purchase an angel portait, you will receive an email with a link so that you and I can hop on the hop for a 15 minute consultation. Whichever of your angelic team / guides / angels chooses to show up, to represent as your "primary" spirit guide in that time of life, they will present to me how they wish to be painted. And -- I create a one-of-a kind custom fine oil painting portrait of your angel! You’ll receive a link to make your free 15 minute consultation appointment in your purchase confirmation email.

How big is this painting?
I want to make sure it will fit on most any wall, so the oil painting is a striking (yet not monstrous) 16 x 20 inch stretched canvas. The edges are .75" wraped and finished, so no frame neccesary, and hanging mechanisms are attached. It's ready to display on the wall, right out of the shipping container!

What can you expect in the painting?
Almost anything! EACH painting is 100% unique, as are angels. Angels aren't human. In fact, they can even be a little…odd looking…in their appearance. So, they'll choose a form that will connect most with YOU, their very own human! These beings choose fascinating likenesses (and I'm just the artist), so the choice isn't mine. I paint them as they appear to me. AND, people who have received these paintings have reported specific vibes and energies that come from the portraits, that are noticeable by others. It's pretty fascinating, even for me, all these years later!

Who are these angels?
The angel that will present to you is part of your "guides", or "guardians". You've been with them since your soul was created. Many people report a familiarity with the being in the painting. Depending on how many lives you've had, you may have been hanging around with these angels for a million years! Now, if other beings appear, and demand a spot in the portrait for your highest good, they'll get an appearance as well. Yet mostly, it's angels, who show up for their moment on the canvas!

How long does it take to get your painting?
As a rule of thumb, you will generally receive your painting anywhere from 2-12 months from the time we visit on the phone (not the time of purchase). Yet this is a suggestion, rather than a rule. Why such a difference? Well, each painting takes differing times to dry, depending on paint thickness, and even paint pigments and time of year! Yet the painting is guaranteed to come to you within 12 months of our visit on the phone. We just can't ship a wet painting, so we're at the mercy of mother nature on this one.

What are you paying for?
You're paying for one hand-painted fine-art linseed oil portrait. Professionally packaged art shipping in the domestic USA is FREE ($90.00-$190.00 value) . The consultation is FREE ($75.00 value). Each portrait comes with a certificate of authenticity. This is just an opportunity to see your angel, face to face! All artwork commission sales are final, once purchase is made. Angels are HUGE on numeric communication, so I've even chosen a sale point that reflects the blessing energies of your angel -- 777 --- the number that reflects abudant love, great fortune, positive forward movement, and grand success on new ventures!

What have actual people said, after receiving their angel portraits?


"Danielle!!!  I got my Heart Angel painting today!  Wow, it is certainly one of a kind....I'm still staring at it.  It is hanging in my bedroom…I can't thank you enough ❤  I love it! Such intensity!  It's like it's changed since being unpacked."

"The painting has arrived and it’s spectacular. I love it so much and it’s beyond what I could have imagined."

"When I got my painting, I was a little intimidated by the angel in it. I didn't understand why until I hung it up and felt protection over me and my room. I realized that I wasn't afraid of the angel. I had struggled with the idea of anyone caring enough to protect me. That night and since, my night terrors have stopped. I'm so grateful to my sweet angel, my protector."

"My angel looks like an alien which is okay with me because I didn't believe in angels, I just did this to see what I'd get. I do believe in aliens. I study them a lot. You told me my angel would appear as something I'd relate with. Since we didn't talk about aliens [on the phone consult], now I know angels are real."

"I didn't know what to expect and the minute I opened the box, I could feel a powerful frequency from the painting. The image and the feeling it gave me felt so familiar."

"I recognized my angel right away. It's the same angel that's been in my dreams. This is a dream come true, literally."

“The best part about my angel portrait is the noticeable love that comes from the canvass. It’s like it radiates outward. Guests have even commented on the loving energy. My energy-sensitive cat has moved out of the window box and sat beneath the portrait since it arrived. Thank you for capturing perfect love and light!”


My 2024 is goign to be full, so I’ve only got enough spots for 5 paintings -- order your custom angel portrait today!

Angel Portrait by Danielle Egnew
Original Linseed Oil on Canvas
16 x 20 x .75
Finished edges / frameless

Let Me Paint Your ANGEL!

  • FREE Domestic Shipping!

    All orders are insured and packaged professionally to provide the best delivery possible by fine art shipment standards.

    International orders are not available due to restrictions. We encourage our international customers to contact a USA-based drop-shipper for international handling information. 

  • All sales on artwork are final. 

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