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"Profiling" is a term used by Law Enforcement to describe the process of putting together a personality profile on a suspected perpetrator by piecing together information gathered from numerous sources. Danielle's highly acute Spiritual Gifts and Talents have been utilized by Law Enforcement who have sought less traditional methods in gathering information on suspects. 


Also known as Psychometry, Danielle picks up the "spiritual fingerprint" on an object and receives an emotional and spiritual 


blueprint of the individual to whom the object was pertinent.


Along with the blueprint can be delivered pictures and sounds, motive, verbal cues, anything that can be stored in an energy pocket, to better describe what was occurring with the individual who owned or wielded the object.

Danielle has worked with Law Enforcement and private parties in profiling crime suspects based upon her heightened Psychometry, Clairvoyant, and Empathic abilities. The cases on which Danielle has worked have all yielded successes. Her motivation for working on crime cases is to bring resolution to those families and friends of victims, who seek peace through proper closure. She donates her time to any law enforcement agency that may approach her for this purpose.

Danielle is available, under special arrangement, to work with the families of victims of violent crimes whose loved one's life was taken.

If a weapon utilized in a violent crime is found, Danielle will also apply the Psychometry abilities to the weapon profile in the same way.

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