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Daily Spiritual Insight:
365 Lessons for Lifetime Growth

By Danielle Egnew

Psychic, Medium and Author Danielle Egnew brings you Daily Spiritual Insight: 365 Lessons for Lifetime Growth, a book of channeled angelic wisdom in an easily digestible daily journal designed to edify your life. Danielle frames up insights based upon her in-depth work with Angels and the spirit realm.


Daily life doesn’t allow much time for reflection. Many of us are working more than one job, supporting a family, even going back to school. The list of daily items that occupy our time is enormous. Many have endured horrible life events that have left deep scars that they struggle to overcome, all the while juggling a disjointed daily routine that commands our fading focus. 

This journal is about realistically making changes within your spirit and your psyche -- starting right where you are today, one lesson at a time. One day at a time. One decision at a time.


Simply focus on the lesson for the day and that lesson only. Put the lesson for the day to use. Allow 24 hours to let the lesson sink in. Then allow a lifetime for the lesson to blossom. Change is a decision and then an action. It’s that simple. You can do this.

True Tales of the

Truly Weird:

Real Paranormal Accounts from a

Real Psychic


By Danielle Egnew

"This woman is the Real Deal. Wit, sensibility, charm and true ability. Read her book."
-- Kim Rhodes, Actress (CW's 'Supernatural')

Truth is weirder than fiction. From Ghosts to Demons, Extraterrestrials to Kachinas, Banshees to Elementals, talking plants to people who cannibalize another’s liver, Psychic, Medium and Author Danielle Egnew uncovers secrets of the magnificent yet monstrous unseen world that surrounds us everyday, recounted in exquisite and disturbing detail as experienced first-hand through Danielle’s extraordinary Psychic abilities.


At the heart of the chaos, take a rare and candid look into the life and psyche of one of today’s most influential Spiritual and Paranormal personalities. An engaging yet chilling memoir underscored by fascinating history, harrowing humor, and freakish facts, True Tales of the Truly Weird is a powerhouse ethereal expose on what’s really lurking beyond our comfortable realm of understanding, redefining our reality. The question is: Are we ready for the truth?

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