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More commonly thought of as "looking into the future", Danielle's acute Clairvoyant abilities have been employed by a wide range of clients, from working in the field with paranormal investigative groups seeking background information on haunted locations, to Hollywood Producers on the lookout for latest trends.

Law Enforcement requesting profiling on crime suspects or the location of lost children has benefited from Danielle's Clairvoyant gifts, well as private clients simply seeking clarity along their path.

Clairvoyant / Clairsentient

Danielle's Clairvoyant gifts encompass other members of the "Clair" family-- the Clairaudient (hearing spirits and spiritual information) and Clairsentient (obtaining spiritual information through an immediate spiritual "download") categories.


Danielle employs her ability to see, hear, and know information for the highest good intended, and is often assisted in interpreting the massive amount of data in the images by angelic or spirit guides.

In addition to Paranormal, Celebrity and Law Enforcement clients, Danielle has utilized her Clairvoyant abilities to successfully assist many Business clientele who have faced career or proceedural crossroads.

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