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An Empath is an individual who, through tuning into another person, place, or spirit's energy field, can intepret the emotional state of another person, entity, or place memory by experiencing the emotions first hand, as if they were their own.

Danielle's heightened Empathic abilities have assisted many individuals in identifying the emotionality and inner emotional workings of both clients and spirits. This information has proven exceptionally useful in relationship healing, where the couple's lack of communication


skills are hindering their growth progress.

Paranormal Investigation groups from across the North America have requested Danielle's exceptional Empathic abilities in the field, while tethered with her Mediumship and Clairvoyant aptitudes, to better understand in detail why the disembodied spirits still reside in a location, and what occurred, historically, in an area.

Hollywood studio writers often seek Danielle's Empathic advisory on how to best approach specific studio heads to present an idea concept. Those on job searches will solicit Danielle's Empathic gifts to assist in putting their best foot forward during a future interview.

Law Enforcement Agencies have also employed Danielle's Empathic abilities to "upload" information from crime scenes in order to better determine a perpertraitor's motive for a violent crime, or information on missing victims.

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