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Announcing the launch of my global online learning institution

Enroll  with any of our fantastic instructors and begin your journey with us!

RMAEA is delighted to feature vetted world-renowned instructors from all over the USA, offering classes in Herbalism, Crystal Therapies, Psychic Development, Tonal and Biofield therapies, Energy work, Body Wellness and Nutrition, ET History, Spirit Communication, and more! 
Four-week class blocks starting Feb. 20th! 

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Enroll in Danielle's 4-part online Zoom class UAP's and ETs: OffWorlder History starting Wednesdays April 10th 2024 and learn OffWirlder languages, originals, and how to communicate with our OffWorld cousins!

D a n i e l l e  E g n e w  E v e n t s :


July 26-28 . 2024

The Ultimate Mystical Montana Adventure Weekend

Immerse yourself in three days / two fantastic nights of safely experiencing Mystical Montana with Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew, communicating with the OffWorld life in the sky, Elemental and Herbal healing plant life on the earth, spirits, and phenomenon like ley lines and vortexes!

Missed Danielle's live Dec. 9th Global Predictive 2024 event? Purchase the audio recording here! 

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