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Sat, Sep 16


Live Global Channeling Online - Zoom

Danielle Egnew Live Global Channeling

Tune in and hear Danielle channel information from Angels, OffWorlders, and even future timelines, about how we can tap into our greatest spiritual gifts and abilities to bring ACTUAL peace, growth, prosperity, and love -- plus audience Q & A! Participants may submit questions via email in advance!

Tickets are not on sale
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Danielle Egnew Live Global Channeling
Danielle Egnew Live Global Channeling

Time & Location

Sep 16, 2023, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM MDT

Live Global Channeling Online - Zoom

About the Event

What if Angels and OffWorlders could tell you how to ”turn on” your most powerful manifesting gifts? Would you want to know? What would you use those gifts for? Because Danielle is here to translate it all for you.

Our last event brought together the entire globe—participants from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, and all across the USA, all reporting a stunning energy shared.

Join Psychic /Medium and angelic translator Danielle Egnew and moderator Rebecca Douglas once again for another soul-stirring global channeling event! Part predictive, part hands-on, this Live Global Channeling Event will be literally FULL of energy from all parts of our planet.

This information-packed LIVE global channeling event will not only be a future cast, but allow Danielle to connect the world at once, as we learn fascinating spiritual techniques as passed through in real-time by Angels, OffWorlders, and Interdimensional Beings. These techniques will assist humanity in changing our social and emotional atmosphere on planet earth, so that all may thrive.

With our planetary energies shifting quickly, our ability to bring positive change to our evolving world is at an all-time high--especially when we work together as a species. It is within our extraordinary spiritual and physical genetics, to manifest powerfully together—join the event and learn more!

Attend the Danielle Egnew Live Global Channeling Event on Zoom, Saturday Sept. 16th at:

12pm (noon) MDT USA

11am PDT USA



UTC/GMT -6 for International

Hear from the collective angelic realm how our bodies and our spirits are designed to link together to create an array of magnificence--and you can join in (or watch) to feel real-time exercises led by Danielle and the angels, with a world wide-group, LIVE!  Discover why the world governmental system is going to be disclosing more UAP / UFO information before 2024; meet more of our StarSeed family in the group, with our OffWorld cultures weighing in on our physical human channeling technology--and how to use it; discover the actual dynamics behind "the energy of money" and be empowered by how, when we work together, we can move that energy toward everyone; participate in a global-group-connection guided by Danielle the angels, to unleash peace, prosperity, and compassion onto the planet; check-in where world governments are at, with the recent rash of authoritarianism attempting to take hold; and much more.

Plus, attendees will have the chance to submit world and consciousness-related questions to Danielle prior to the live channeling event is email—and your question may be read live and answered during the session! The Q & A is one of the most fascinating parts of the live global event.

Tickets are $55 for this Live Global Channeling Zoom Evebt. (We regret that due to bandwidth management for this event, tickets are non-refundable.) The Zoom link will be sent to ticket holders 1 hour prior to the event.

Wherever you are on the planet--hop oline, tune in, add your consciousness to this phenomenal event, and have your hope in our brightest future rekindled!

Here are what last global forum's attendees had to say:

“It was so fabulous and I am still vibrating hours later.  Shared some with friends at a gathering I went to directly after 💜💜💜thank you both so much.  Big gratitude ✨🌈🥰” — Mirren M.

“Thank you both for this amazing presentation.  The collective energy was was so powerful it brought me to tears when I got on the call as well.  And with amazing energy of the Angel who walks with the earth and the Star-beings; I know everyone was vibrating at such a high level. I was super charged the rest of the evening. The elemental energies touch my heart I will start sending them healing energy. You both are amazing earth angels.  Big Blessings Goddesses. ✨🤩💞💗🛸🌈✨”—Karma S., Intuitive Soul Coach

“LOVED IT!!!  Thank you so much. 🥰” — Lee W.

“The collective energy brought tears & good shivers when I logged in! Powerful vibrations and messages to pass forward📣✨️ Thanks again to you both for being conduits of such BIG love💓💫” —Terri S.

“Thank you for doing this. I felt awful most of the morning and then it hit me. All the energy! Holy mackeral! After you went off the air my legs were still shaking. I just sat with coffee and biscotti and let it run it's course. Whew! I really do appreciate you. I have been so full of anxiety about the future. I was so wound up one day I had to pray for help. I got it. I realized i was calmer the next day. So far so good as long as i stay away from the news. You really helped by showing how things should turn out. I am immensely grateful. I pray my garden does well.  I will walk on the beach barefoot of course. Pray with my hands in the water, my whole self when it warms. I will continue to be a tree hugger. The creatures around us give me such joy. God bless you both. Can't wait for the paint to dry! 😁❤❤❤” — Nadia S.

“What a wonderful event! It really is quite an experience to attend an event with people all over the world!!! Danielle - you spent much more time than promised giving everyone so much incredibly interesting and pertinent information and lots of peace of mind. Rebecca - just perfect in all the ways!!! Gah! I just can’t more impressed and proud!!!!!! 💛💛💛💜💜💜” — Melissa S.

“Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for your time today, thank you to Rebecca for doing an amazing job coordinating, and many thanks to all your spiritual beings that assisted! Excellent information and insight. Looking forward to the next session, and in the meantime, going to ride this next timeline out, spread love and know this is our time to make a difference! Hugs to you both and an enormous amount of respect and gratitude❤️” — Katie S.

“That was definitely worth the wait and it was worth every penny. Thanks again!” — Melanie C.

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