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As part of Danielle’s Astral Skies Series, this three foot by two foot work showcases the mystical expansiveness above our breathable airspace, and the thin ethers of connectedness between deep space and the world we know below.

The energetic message of this painting is Transcendence.

As an energetic practitioner and spiritual teacher with Native American lineage, Danielle infuses her paintings with natural healing vibrations so that every work created changes the ethers in the home or area that the work is placed within. Danielle’s paintings are crafted with water-soluble natural Linseed oils whose diluting water has been soaked with hand-bundled and dried sage, harvested by Danielle from intense healing areas empowered with sacred ley line energies – areas such as the Pryor Mountains and the Dry Creek / Pictograph Cave Valley area in Montana.

From color to texture to the spiritual resonation of sage essence mixed within the paint, Danielle created the Astral Skies Series to act as a bridge between the higher octaves of consciousness and realization, and the activation of our spiritual gifts and talents. With a specific healing color combination that resonates to inspire the untwining of what is considered “dormant” DNA, signaling the body to release spiritual gifts and expand awareness, daily worry is replaced with serenity and wisdom in navigating challenges situations.

The Astral Skies Series specifically targets healing in the heart chakra, third eye, and crown chakra (passion in the world, intellectual transmissions from spirit, strengthening empathic ability, wisdom, clarity, calmness, inspiration.). The works in this series have been reported by those who have stood in front of them to instill a great sense of calm, reassurance, elevation, levity, inspiration, and a release of tensions and worry in the mind.

Each healing original oil work comes with a signed and notarized certificate of authenticity.

“Atmosphere” by Danielle Egnew
Original Linseed Oil on canvass
24 x 36 x 1.5
Finished edges / unframed


  • All sales on original artwork are final.

  • FREE domestic shipping and handling within the USA.

    International orders, please inquire regarding accesibility of shipping location, and additional shipping and handling cost.

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