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The Grounding Collection

Recognizing the importance of staying connected with our Great Mother, planet Earth, Danielle herself often wears stones and other items that she creates herself, made from elements she responsibly collects in her home state of Montana. In the spirit of extending this beautiful and peaceful grounding experience to everyone, Danielle has hand-created The Grounding Collection--hand-wrapped crystals and Talisman Pouches made from Montana materials. No two pieces are alike. Danielle considers the crafting of these pieces to be a meditation. She creates very limited quantities at each sitting, depending on what she has collected.

Hand-wrapped Montana Crystal / Size - Small

Danielle hand-picked these delicate yet powerful crystals from the high pass Whitehall area of Montana. 

Each crystal is resonant with its own energies, collecting billions of years of peace and tranquility from Montana's charged Rocky Mountain region.

With mindfulness of those who struggle with sensitivities to metals, Danielle uses no metal in the crystal harness. Each crystal is held by vegan sinew.

A braided vegan sinew is wrapped securely around each crystal, so no slipping. Fully extended, the sliding knot cord is approximately 13.25" long (26.5" total) and can be shortened to choker-length.

Crystal 2:
1.25" length 

Hand-Wrapped Montana Crystal 2

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