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As part of Danielle's Ascension Series, this introspective 20 x 20 work activates the third eye, crown, solar plexus and throat chakras (channeling conection, sense of purpose, connection to the divine, and self-expression).

A connection to the earth: an old village below the ancient Pryor Mountains in Montana sleeps, with a crackling fire burning, the Elemental and Star Beings rise in the moon's glow, to bring their blessing as humanity steps into the light.

The message of this work is acknowledgement; the wisdom from the Ancients and the earth exists in the very ground beneath our feet, if we are willing to simply connect -- and we have never been alone.

From color to texture to the spiritual resonation of sage essence mixed within the paint, Danielle created the Ascension Series to vibrationally connect all chakra points in the body simultaneously, elevating our spiritual resonation to then inspire activating “unused” portions of physical DNA that contain our greatest spiritual gifts and intuition. By combining the vibrations of particular color palettes with the vector of shape and movement, the spiritual body is cued to be in sync with the physical body, inspiring theta brainwave activity that creates a mind-body-spirit presence that is opening to receiving guidance from the Universe.


The Ascension Series specifically targets balance between all chakra areas, working with the viewing participant as well as the ethers in which the works is showcased, to co-create a sacred space for healing and safe the release of fears, limitations, and limiting beliefs.

As an energetic practitioner and spiritual teacher, Danielle infuses her paintings with natural healing vibrations so that every work created changes the ethers in the home or area that the work is placed within. Danielle’s paintings are crafted with water-soluble natural Linseed oils whose diluting water has been soaked with hand-bundled and dried sage, harvested by Danielle from intense healing areas empowered with sacred ley line energies – areas such as the Pryor Mountains and the Dry Creek / Pictograph Cave Valley area in Montana.   

Each healing original oil work comes with a signed and notarized certificate of authenticity.

“Message from the Pryors” by Danielle Egnew
Original Linseed Oil on Canvas
20 x 20 x 1.5
Finished edges / frameless

Message from the Pryors

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