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As part of Danielle’s Big Sky Series, the depth of this monochromatic piece created from nine differing hues of blue is palpable -- powerful presence as the rain breaks from the sky, cleansing the tension, then great peace--the act of accepting all of our most intense aspects of self. 


The energetic message of this painting is Honoring Our Power.

As an energetic practitioner and spiritual teacher, Danielle infuses her paintings with natural healing vibrations so that every work created changes the ethers in the home or area that the work is placed within. Danielle’s paintings are crafted with water-soluble natural Linseed oils whose diluting water has been soaked with hand-bundled and dried sage, harvested by Danielle from intense healing areas empowered with sacred ley line energies – areas such as the Pryor Mountains and the Dry Creek areas in Montana.

From color to texture to the spiritual resonation of sage essence mixed within the paint, Danielle created the Big Sky Series to act as a grounding tool from Father Sky to Mother Earth. With a specific healing color combination that resonates to inspire the activation of what is considered “dormant” DNA, signaling the body to release spiritual gifts and expand awareness, daily worry is replaced with serenity, grounding and wisdom in navigating challenges situations.

The Big Sky Series focuses on the color-matching energetic resonance with the root, sacral and throat chakras--securely anchoring us in the dynamic power of the present, with support from antiquity before us, while energizing our power to speak out needs. The works in this series have been reported by those who have viewed them to instill a great sense of power, energy, and calming security.

Each healing original oil work comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

“Mountain Meditation” by Danielle Egnew
Original Linseed Oil on canvass
36 x 36 x 1.5 canvas
Finished gallery edges

Mountain Meditation

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