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As part of Danielle's Gaia Series, this one foot by one foot panel is created in pinks and yellows, inspiring activation in the root and solar plexus chakras (safety, sense of belonging, personal power, channeling connection).

The towering pine trees are back-lit, dwarfed atop the high ridge of an ancient sandstone cliff. The message of this work is elevation; all life reaches for the light, rooted even in stone for security.

From color to texture to the spiritual resonation of sage essence mixed within the paint, Danielle Egnew created the Gaia Series to establish a stillness in the hectic and disruptive nature of 21st century life. The vibrational color palette as well as the subject matter of these paintings not only vibrationally affects the environment to produce a restful peace, yet cues the limbic system in the brain to rest, re-routing disruptive mental activity from the fight-or-flight center of the brain, or the amygdala.

The Gaia Series specifically targets the root, heart, and crown chakras (home and hearth, provision, family, empathy, safety, connection to a higher power, connection with self purpose) as well as working with the physics of the human brain to re-direct chaotic thoughts and to remain present and relaxed in the safety of universal provision. These paintings are also effective as a mediation (focusing) tool as well as re-setting energetic impulses in chaotic spaces.

As an energetic practitioner and spiritual teacher with Native American lineage, Danielle infuses her paintings with natural healing vibrations so that every work created changes the ethers in the home or area that the work is placed within. Danielle’s paintings are crafted with water-soluble natural Linseed oils whose diluting water has been soaked with hand-bundled and dried sage, harvested by Danielle from intense healing areas empowered with sacred ley line energies – areas such as the Pryor Mountains and the Dry Creek / Pictograph Cave Valley area in Montana.

Each healing original oil work comes with a signed and notarized certificate of authenticity.

“Sunset on the Sandstone” by Danielle Egnew
Original Linseed Oil on Canvas
12 x 12 x .75
Finished edges / frameless

Sunset on the Sandstone

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