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Download the audio recording of Danielle's year-end channeled predictive forum, coming in at an auspicious 2 hours, 2 minutes and 20 seconds, recorded live at Barjon's in Billings, Montana on Dec. 9th of 2023, disclosing the fascinating and hair-raising events to come in 2024! 

For the 12th year in a row, Angel Translator, Psychic, and Medium Danielle Egnew (ABC, NBC, Discovery+, Travel Channel) has fun with a live audience as she channels angelic roadmaps, detailing the complex and trajectory-changing events of 2024. Danielle takes questions at the end of the forum, bringing forward further nuances, predictions, and tidbits to unfold in 2024, "The Year of Re-Creation":

Find out what can we look forward to in 2024: In this 8 numerological year, what large changes in sociology and financial hurdles will we encounter? Is Crypto here to stay, or what becomes of it? How do our politics change in this election year? Will world conflicts continue, or pull back? From weather, global health, supply chain, wellness—the evolution of the species--how will we fare in 2024, and how does it set us up for the cascade of events until 2028? What about consciousness, miracles, and climate and technical advancements? What surprises does 2024 have in store for us (Spoiler alert--Danielle spills the beans!)?


PLUS--after the congressional UAP disclosure this year, how will 2024 bring forward even more eye-opening OffWrld phenomenon? 

Listening time: 2:20:20 . Download link will be provided upon purchase.


What's to Come: The 2024 Predictive Forum

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