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Tones are the "alphabet" of a powerful spiritual language, that when used properly, can point to physical, emotional, or spiritual blockages in the Chakra zones.

In Tonal Energy sessions, Danielle utilizes individual tones that make up different and particular resonances which in turn create harmonic frequencies that promote the dissolving of inharmonious or incompatible energy blockages caused by emotional, physical, or spiritual trauma in order to set right the correct Chakral energy flow.

Tonal  Alignment

Highly fluent in the language of tones and sound, Danielle has molded sound like clay since she was a young child. One of her most prominent healing tools are Tibetan Bowls along with the natural gift of re-routing misaligned energies within the body.


Danielle co-facilitates the healing procedure with the client and the Energies of Creation, focusing Light and Right Vibration in troubling areas.

Tibetan Bowls have been used for thousands of years to produce a lingering tonal meditative resonance by creating a vibration in the bowl with a mallet. Danielle also uses an array of other tonal instruments to facilitate the correct frequency alteration to release negative spiritual and emotional blockages.

Clients who wish to partake in a Tonal Energetic Healing sessions should come prepared in loose, comfortable clothing, as they will be lying down. Only one hour time blocks are available for Tonal sessions, due to the intensive nature of the sonic procedure. Clients leave feeling extremely relaxed, so it's recommended to either have a friend drive, or give yourself a moment to compose before driving.

If you are already familiar with the healing process of sound, and are searching for some therapeutic Meditation Music that is designed with the spiritual physics of tonal languages in mind, visit Danielle's library of originally composed Meditation Music. 

To book a session:

The Danielle Egnew Spiritual Center and Gallery is located in the Western Outpost Building, 80085 Gallatin road Suite B, Bozeman, MT, 59718) . Sessions are $150.00 for an hour. Tonal alignment sessions are in-person only due to the nature of the resonance of the bowl on the human body. 

Tonal Alignment appointments are suspended due to Danielle's tour schedule.
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